A genuine spa treatment for hair thanks to the properties of Keraveg-18 Fision. Much more than a simple coloring, repairs, moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber giving it new life and beauty. All with a shutter speed of just 10 minutes, which reduces to one-third the time of application.

Protects the hair

Stronger hair

Improves elasticity

Glossier, silkier hair

Hair is easier to brush

Reduces static

Anti-frizz effect

More vibrant colour


Megix 10 represents the highest professional expression in the field of color: a product that offers an infinite number of plus both customers to the salon professional, creating a common thread focused on the full satisfaction of all stakeholders.


» Reconstruction of the hair during the coloring service thanks to Fision Keraveg-18.
» Respect for scalp and hair thanks to a reduced processing time.
» Luminous and intense shades due to high concentration of micro-pigments.
» No color overlap: the application of Megix does not create intensity variations over time.
» Total Coverage of grey hair also in fantasy nuances.
» Natural ingredients that respect the structure of the hair. They reconstruct the hair fiber giving brightness and naturalness.
» A range of 80 nuances with extraordinary shades to meet every customer’s need.
» Liven up in a few minutes hair that lost its previous color, so as to restore the brilliance and vivacity that every woman desires.
» Long-lasting color: Megix great performances are also a guarantee for color longevity, a way to be more beautiful for a longer time.


» A more profitable activity thanks to the sharp increase in the number of color services that only Megix’s short processing time can give.
» Gain the reputation of unique and innovative salon on your local market.
» Increase of the daily service of final touch and regrowth in just 10 minutes to offer customers a new color touch in a very short time.
» Conquering new customers when they will get to know from friends and acquaintances of the great innovation offered by the salon.
» Strong customers’ loyalty, as soon as they discover they can dye their hair with a unique quality product without suffering long and boring waits.
» Possibility of offering a color service in less than one hour including hair set, conquering in this way all women with little free time available, perhaps taking advantage of the lunch break of a workday.


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