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Megix 10

The innovation of Megix 10 is the result of constant research carried out by laboratories Mowan: Superior performance and maximum respect for the environment, to provide unparalleled product is ethically and qualitatively. To achieve such an ambitious goal requires a unique formulation that combines the best possible elements in the revolutionary Fision Keraveg-18: innovative formulation keratin that is proposed as a vegetable alternative to animal protein, boasting as many as 18 amino acids including wheat protein and silk, arginine, serine and threonine, in addition to ensuring countless benefits


• Total coverage of white hair even in nuance fashion;
• staining of long duration;
• low ammonia content;
• intense reflections and brilliant;
• vibrant colors;
• exceptional performance;
• reliable color results;
• no stain on the skin;
• No irritation;
• ease of application and rinsing;
• Use only high quality ingredients;
• wide range of 80 shades;
• protection from environmental stressors;
• greater strength and elasticity of the hair;
• hair more shiny and silky;
• Improved manageability and reduced static;
• anti-frizz;
• presence of wheat protein that due to low molecular weight easily penetrates the hair shaft, improving fullness, luster and softness;
• presence of silk protein whose amino acids bind to the natural keratin of the hair to create a protective film that makes it soft and silky hair, defending them even by air pollution;
• presence of arginine famous for its ability to strengthen the hair fiber, making them much stronger and elastic;
• presence of serine which has anti-aging properties and conditioning, useful for reconstructing the lipid barrier of the hair making them hydrated and protected from external factors;
• presence of threonine, an essential amino acid that helps to maintain the balance of proteins in the body and promotes the regeneration of collagen, giving the hair an anti-static and moisturizing effect;


The wide range, carefully studied allows professionals to meet any kind of client’s demand.

Oxygen developers are composed of 4 different volumes: 12 vol. – 21 vol. – 32 vol. – 40 vol.


The oxygen developers are compounds from 4 different volumes: 12 vol. - 21 vol. - 32 vol. - 40 vol.

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This extraordinary element is the vegetable alternative to animal hydrolyzed keratin swine, sheep or cattle, differing from it for even higher quality. Contains fewer than 18 amino acids such as wheat proteins and soybean, in addition to important arginine, serine and threonine, ideal for recreating the same composition of the keratin found in hair.

g Wheat protein: gIts low molecular weight means it easily penetrates the hair shaft, leaving hair softer, shinier and with more body.

s Silk proteins: Silk amino acids bind to the keratin in hair, creating a protective film that leaves hair soft and silky and protects it from atmospheric pollution.

a Arginine: Arginine is widely recognised for its contribution to strengthening hair fibre making hair stronger and more elastic.

s Serine: Serine is a ceramide precursor that has anti-aging and conditioning properties on hair thanks to its ability to rebuilt the lipid barrier. Hair is thus hydrated and protected from external factors.

t Threonine: Threonine is an essential amino acid that helps maintain the proper protein balance in the body and stimulates the regeneration of collagen. It has an anti-static and hydrating effect on hair.